Mario Maker Spotlight: Oct. 1

Looking for a fun Mario Maker challenge? Try these levels on for size:

Normal: Harry’s Hardware Hunt V2 (7D2F-0000-02A2-633F)

Embark on a coin scavenger hunt through an intricately-designed hardware store! Can you find all 95 gold coins?

Expert: Coin Confusion Ghost House (792D-0000-0057-BDF1)

Things are not what they seem in this twisted mansion… Can find find your way to the goal?

Super Expert: DASHIE’S ACROBATIC AUGMENTATION! (E484-0000-029D-3AB3)

To beat this level, you’re going to have to master the dark arts of muncher jumping and Yoshi bouncing. Are you acrobatically augmented enough to face this challenge?