Mario Maker Spotlight: Oct. 8

Looking for a fun Mario Maker challenge? Try these levels on for size:

Normal: Terminal Trouble (Comments On) (4077-0000-018F-1E20)

Mario chases Waluigi through the airport, and confronts his toughest enemy yet: The TSA…

Expert: Thwomp-Chomp Collapsing Castle (D2E7-0000-0258-8683)

Apparently Bowser need to do more research into general contractors, because his castle’s about to fall down around his (and your) ears! Do you have the jumping skills to make it out before the roof caves in?

Super Expert: Puzzles, Secrets, & Explosions! (780F-0000-0109-1D99)

This is long, this is tough, and this is tricky. Can you navigate the crazy shell and bomb puzzles and reach the goal? (Hint: It never hurts to carry an extra beetle shell along with you.)