Song Review: Love And Theft, “Candyland”

Note to Love and Theft: If you want to pull off a sex-jam single successfully, it helps to make the song actually sound sexy.

L&T have had an up-and-down career in country music, from the highs of their top-ten debut “Runaway” and No. 1 smash hit “Angel Eyes” to the lows of losing an entire album in an acrimonious split from Sony Music Nashville. The duo has never quite been able to gain consistent traction in the genre, and I doubt that “Candyland,” the first single off the pair’s upcoming album, will do anything to change this.

To be fair, the duo’s vocals are by far the highlight of this song, with both singers giving a smooth, effortless delivery and showing off a decent range. While neither member of the pair will ever be mistaken for Conway Twitty, they bring enough charisma to the table to make the listener feel their passion for the woman in the song.

Sadly, the production is cribbed from the standard Bro-Country playbook and doesn’t do Love and Theft any favors. The guitars and synthetic beats sound generic, the acoustic elements don’t do enough to stand out, and the whole mess comes off sounding too dark and serious to be sexy. Even the vocal tracks are mishandled, with the harmony completely overshadowing the melody during the chorus.

The lyrics, in another timeless Bro-Country tradition, are vapid and shallow. Consider the following passage on the bridge:

I’ve got a sweet tooth, honey
Gotta let you know
That you’re better than a Lemon Drop
Poppin’ like a Pop Rock
Feelin’ like a kid at the candy store

Seriously guys, you’d have a better chance at winning a woman’s heart by actually playing Candy Land than using lines like that.

Overall, If you’ve listened to mainstream country radio in the last few years, you’ve heard this schtick done a thousand times before, and done a lot better. It’s not a terrible song, but it’s more forgettable than anything else. I’d skip it.

Rating: 4/10. If you’re looking for a classy sex-jam that actually sets the proper mood, check out Easton Corbin’s “About To Get Real” instead.


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