Mario Maker Spotlight: Oct. 15

Looking for a fun Mario Maker challenge? Try these levels on for size:

Normal: POW’s puzzle (F80F-0000-01F1-50FC)

A simple tutorial on the art of using POW blocks as stepping stones. Just be careful not to destroy any of your POW blocks, because you’re going to need them all.

Expert: Iris’s Haunted Tower (9A75-0000-0252-F73F)

It’s time for a little shameless self-promotion! This is one of the levels I’m most proud of, combining puzzles with platforming in a spooky setting. Are you detective enough to reach the top?

Super Expert: Ninja Mario Warrior (29AE-0000-004B-FB91)

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is the reason Benjamin Franklin invented checkpoints. This level is long, this level is tricky, and above all this level is not forgiving. Can you set aside your rage long enough to reach Bowser?