Mario Maker Spotlight: Oct. 22

Looking for a fun Mario Maker challenge? Try these levels on for size:

Normal: パタメットで右往左往 (FBCE-0000-02AE-0CCC)

Nothing like a nice beetle ride to brighten up your day! Watch out for those Chain Chomps, though, and be prepared to go left and right from the start

Expert: ノコノコ信号による交通安全教室2[Koopa signal] (BD9A-0000-0295-C605)

A well-designed level that teaches children basic traffic skills. How could you go wrong? (By running red lights, that’s how.)

Super Expert: Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop (B18D-0000-004B-1725)

This level is brought to you by Derrick Bitner of GameXplain fame, and while he says someone else created this thing, it was his name I was cursing the entire time just the same. One piece of advice: The title is a bit misleading—definitely stop for the power up in the ? block, because you’ll need it.