Mario Maker Spotlight: Nov. 5

Looking for a fun Mario Maker challenge? Try these levels on for size:

Normal: Avalanche Slide (A6F3-0000-00F0-9FEE)

Make like King Kelly and slide your way to victory! Just watch out for the falling ice blocks—those’ll give you a serious headache.

Expert: Nuclear Winter (2B2A-0000-02A2-5203)

Even a nuclear apocalypse can be fun with Mario! Be ready to do some running, because P-doors wait for no man in no man’s land.

Super Expert: A Dash of Salt (5A6B-0000-026F-4544)

This course lives up to its name, but once you’re done grumbling about how impossible it is, you should marvel at the incredible design, and how seamlessly the course changes the second time around.