Mario Maker Spotlight: Nov. 12

Looking for a fun Mario Maker challenge? Try these levels on for size:

Normal: The Hidden Keys of Castle Bowser (6831-0000-021A-D4E8)

A nice stroll through Bowser’s castle. The keys are “hidden” via boss battles with Bowser and Bowser Jr., so you won’t be tearing your hair out trying to find anything.

Expert: Tricks ‘n’ Treats (Expert) (2FB5-0000-02A8-7220)

Darn, I wish I could’ve featured this one last week. Here, you must complete a set of mini-challenges to collect the red coins needed to reach the flagpole. One or two of the coins are a little tricky to find, so make sure to explore each area thoroughly before proceeding!

Super Expert: Cacophonous Beckoning (6232-0000-02B7-5FF2)

This one isn’t officially classified yet, but I’m assuming it’ll be Super Expert based on the challenge, and what a challenge it was! The level expertly balances precision jumping challenges that need to happen quickly with slower puzzles that give you a chance to rest and think about your next move. Go check this one out (if you dare)!