Mario Maker Spotlight: Nov. 26

Looking for a fun Mario Maker challenge? Try these levels on for size:

Normal: ピラミッドの冒険 ~封じられた女神~  Pyramid (1866-0000-02AE-0D3E)

A tricky stroll through an ancient pyramid, capped off by one of the coolest boss fight ideas I’ve ever seen. It’s got an incredible design from both a gameplay and aesthetic standpoint.

Expert: The Graveyard Shift (CB3D-0000-01EB-5C3B)

A nice Twilight Princess-themed level that forces you to traverse both light and dark paths to succeed. Can you survive the switch from man to wolf?

Super Expert: The Lava Escapades of 1984 (0D7A-0000-0038-3C23)

The Completionist is always good for a tough-as-nails, rage-inducing level! Be ready to roll from the word go, because the opening of this one leaves no time to think and no room for error. (It took me almost two hours to beat this the first time, but I also managed to turn a few of the people watching into Nintendo fans!)