Mario Maker Spotlight: Dec. 3

Looking for a fun Mario Maker challenge? Try these levels on for size:

Normal: Raising the Fire Bar (F472-0000-00BC-2CD4)

There’s nothing like a fire bar obstacle castle to start things off! If you can time your jumps right, however, this course offers some surprising potential for speed-running.

Expert: Frosty Tower of Bones (4686-0000-0259-EB74)

You’d better have your ice skates ready for this level, ’cause you’ve got an army of skeletons and grinders coming for your sorry butt. Can you slip n’ slide your way to the goal?

Super Expert: Wiggler hill (3B36-0000-0199-501A)

Don’t let the innocent look of this level fool you: You’ve got a lot of spikes, Munchers, and large gaps to cross between here and the goal, and nothing but a bunch of semi-cooperative Wigglers to bounce on. Good luck!


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