Mario Maker Spotlight: Dec. 10

Looking for a fun Mario Maker challenge? Try these levels on for size:

Easy: 脱出ゲーム「連鎖」 Linkage (20E0-0000-02C9-9311)

Sure, this one’s compact and easy, but it’s also a nifty puzzle level that can help teach players how to chain power-ups and items together to create tricky levels of their own. Try this out, and think of ways to make your own puzzle levels while you play!

Expert: 地下の大砲拷問部屋  Artillery Room (AEE1-0000-02C9-944A)

Now this is a cool design! You’re trapped in some rather claustrophobic spaces, with nothing between you and certain death but a couple of wacky beetle shells. Use you blocking well, and then make a break for it when you get the chance!

Super Expert: why? (6A03-0000-0054-01D0)

This level is pure freakin’ insanity, comin’ at you live through the power of the Internet courtesy of Boogie2988. The best advice I can give here is the same thing Cipher told Neo: You run. You run your you-know-what off.