Song Review: Jackie Lee, “Getting Over You”

When life gives you lemons, you have two options: You can sit around and lament your misfortune, or you can shake it off and set about making lemonade. Sadly, on “Getting Over You,” Jackie Lee chooses the first option.

Believe it or not, Lee has actually been kicking around the mainstream music scene for a few years now, albeit with little success to show for it (his highest-charting single thus far peaked at a paltry #49). “Getting Over You” is his fourth attempt to gain some radio traction, but he’s not going to get it with a track this whiny and insufferable.

The production grades out as pretty neutral here—it’s the standard electric-guitar-driven, synth-backed sound that’s taken over country music in the last few years. While it sets a dark, sorrowful tone that suits the song’s subject, there’s nothing in the music that really moves the listener in any particular direction, which isn’t helpful when you’re trying to attract these listeners and convert them into fans.

Lee appears to be a decent vocalist, with good range, decent volume, and a tone that reminds me a little of Billy Currington. He also sports enough charisma to make the listener feel his pain, and plays his role as a struggling ex pretty convincingly. With stronger material, Lee’s vocals would be a major asset, but on garbage like this

Here’s where we come to the major problem of “Getting Over You:” The lyrics. In the song, the narrator attempts to man-splain to his ex-lover that now matter how hard a time she’s having getting over him, it couldn’t possibly compare to the pain and suffering he’s feeling trying to get over her. In doing so, the narrator comes off as a self-centered, arrogant jerk who minimizes whatever pain his ex might be feeling to claim that he, in fact, is the one who is the most aggrieved. Whatever sympathy the listener is supposed to feel for the narrator is quickly drowned out by disgust at the singer’s petulant attitude and behavior. Lee’s vocal charisma winds up being a net negative here, as he plays the narrator’s role a bit too believably to come across as likeable.

Overall, “Getting Over You” is an annoying and patronizing song that drags Jackie Lee down into the mud with it. If Lee’s ever going to break through in country music, he and his team need to do a better job making single choices.

Rating: 4/10. Don’t waste your time with this one.