Mario Maker Spotlight: Dec. 17

Looking for a fun Mario Maker challenge? Try these levels on for size:

Easy: Mario Teaches Math?! (B2A4-0000-011B-E896)

Time to drop some edumacation on your butts! The problems are pretty simple, but watch out for the modular division question at the very end!

Expert: Spin jumps are important! (6EBF-0000-0071-F05F)

Be prepared to put the ‘jump’ in Jumpman here, because these spin jumps are long and tough! The creator was nice enough to put a net under the first few, so take your time and get yourself used to the challenge.

Super Expert: P-Block Panic! (2A39-0000-010D-4E63)

Boogie2988 issued a Twitter challenge for this level roughly a year ago, and it’s still only got 58 clears. It’s a tough combination of precision jumping, P-switch timing, and one massive YOLO jump at the end. Good luck!