Mario Maker Spotlight: Jan. 7

Looking for a fun Mario Maker challenge? Try these levels on for size:

Normal: 8-2 (36E6-0000-02C1-0300)

A decent puzzle level with some nice platforming challenges. One tip for this one: don’t get too caught up in the pipe-choosing section—instead, look for potential alternate routes in the area.

Expert: Lavender Town’s Pokémon Tower (5646-0000-01EF-1755)

Why should Red and Blue have all the fun? Mario takes a stab at climbing a 2D Lavender tower in this level. Patience is key here—the level is fairly long, so don’t lose your Pokémon costume because of a rash decision! (Also, the boss fight makes a lot more sense now that Marowak has an Alolan form.

Super Expert: Make your decision! (147A-0000-0222-C217)

This level earns its designation through some really tough opening challenges and an insta-death decision at the very end. Red/Down/Left was my path to victory, but no matter which way you’re going, you’ll have your work cut out for you. Good luck!