Mario Maker Spotlight: Jan. 14

Looking for a fun Mario Maker challenge? Try these levels on for size:

Normal: Petey’s Peculiar Pipes (B6AA-0000-019C-FF11)

A straightforward pipe-and-P-switch maze, with a tricky Piranha Plant section thrown in for good measure. One piece of advice: The pipe you’re looking for to advance is usually hidden behind another pipe, so keep your eyes peeled for pipe openings that are just barely visible behind other obstacles.

Expert: [1YMM] Fungal Fortress (1BD2-0000-02A5-F949)

A cool key-exploration level that uses Goombas in a lot of neat ways to set up its challenges. Be careful when you reach the boss, as there’s a Fire Piranha Plant underneath you to keep you on your toes!

Super Expert: Ludicrous Lithomancy (EE5B-0000-02E8-3873)

This level’s designation isn’t official yet, but given that it took me an hour and a half to beat it, I’m assuming it’ll get the Super Expert tag. It’s a well-designed gauntlet, involving spiky track rides, vine-climbing shenanigans,  and lots of Thwomps! Be sure to take your vitamins before challenging this course.