What Should Be The Next Big Additions To Splatoon 2?

Why is Animal Crossing headlining a Splatoon blog post? Read on…

What do you mean, “It’s too soon?” There’s no such thing when it comes to a great idea. 😉

Splatoon was a great game, and Splatoon 2 did a great job expanding the franchise with new maps, weapons, and modes. On top of that, the developers continue to release new content for the game, and recently announced a huge batch of new features, maps and customization options that would be coming within the next month. There’s already plenty of stuff here for players to have fun with, so why am I asking for more?

My rationale for this post is twofold:

  • Splatoon players have been shoehorning their own ways to play the game into this combat-centered game, and while things like Hide and Seek, Laser Tag, and even simple squid parties are fun, they’re sometimes an awkward fit in the game’s existing combat-centered modes.
  • Customization has always been a big part of Splatoon, but up to now it’s been limited to characters. Other games (like Animal Crossing) have made customization a huge part of their appeal, and I think Splatoon has a lot of untapped potential in this area.

To address these points, I propose the following two ideas for the next big Splatoon update, whenever that may be.

  • Player Rooms: Imagine your childhood bedroom. What did it look like? Did you have a bunch of cool stuff in it, like rock band posters or vacation mementos? Did you have friends over and hang out there? Given the canon age of playable Inklings (they’re kids or squids, but not adults), adding personal rooms for each player seems like a natural extension of the game’s customization options.

Much like the PC’s house in Animal Crossing, each Splatoon player starts with a plain, boring room, and is given the option to choose a floor style and wall color (and like everything else in the game, this could be changed later). Room items could be purchased from a special shop added to Inkopolis Square (there’s plenty of room in the back for new buildings) or ordered via Merch (and maybe SplatNet 2?). Finally, players could visit the rooms of other Inklings on their friend lists, and even place an order with Murch if they see a trinket that matches their own decor.

This could also tie in with Nintendo’s rumored achievement system, as the game could give you trophies and certificates that let you show off you awesomeness. Reach S+ in Splat Zones? Win a Splatfest? Become ‘SUPERFRESH!’ with your main weapon? There could be an app reward for that.

All in all, rooms would be a good way for players to show off their skill and style, and I’d be surprised if something like this doesn’t appear by Splatoon 3.

  • Codified Minigames: Sure, we can continue to muddle along using Turf Wars and ranked battles to host our beloved minigames, but there’s always confusion about the rules, and there’s no way to signal “Hey, we’re playing X!” and there’s always one player who just ignores the game and splats everyone… It’s time for the shenanigans to end.

Certain games (such as Hide and Seek) have become popular enough that they should be standardized and included as regular Splatoon game modes. They don’t have to be put on a two-hour rotation like normal ink battles, but they should at least be included as options for Private Battles. A non-combative, splat-free Free Play mode should be included as well, so people can have squid parties without having their fun ruined (or ruining the fun of players who just want to compete). Ideally, there would also be a way for players to advertise their games for anyone to join, so that players just looking for specific kinds of matches could easily find them.

By organizing different games in this manner, it would keep people that were looking to do different things from stepping on each other’s toes, and make the game more fun for everyone.

While these ideas are a little crazy and the game is pretty darn good as it is, I think they would do a lot to further increase peoples’ enjoyment of Splatoon 2. Part of the game’s appeal is that it is continuously changing things up and adding new pieces, so ideas like these are a good way for the franchise to, as Callie and Marie might say, “stay fresh!”