A Mea Culpa, And A Request

Greetings, fellow internet travelers!

If you’re reading this, then the recent change of address/profession I mentioned earlier has been a bit more disruptive than I anticipated, which means it may be a little bit longer before I’m able to get back to posting here. Sorry for the wait!

If all goes well, I should be back online in time to deal with this week’s Pulse post on Wednesday. I’ve also got a half-written review of Brad Paisley’s new song and a lot of thoughts on Pokémon Let’s Go! Eevee to discuss, so I hope you look forward to seeing those soon.

Now, for the request part: With December on the horizon, my 2018 country music song rankings will be here before you know it. While I’ve been able to cover a decent number of this year’s singles (102 so far?!) and still have more on my radar (“I Won’t Be Sorry,” “Love You Too Late,” “Closer To You,” “90s Country”) I’ve probably missed a few that flew under the radar and didn’t make much of an impact on the charts. If there are any 2018 song releases that I haven’t covered yet and you’d like to see on my year-end lists, now’s the time to let me know! Leave a comment here, tag me on Twitter, send up some smoke signals, and make sure your voice is heard!

And now, back to packing…