Kyle’s Favorite Songs Of 2020 So Far

For all the pain, suffering, and terrible music that 2020 has brought upon this world, there has actually been a surprising amount of good, and even great, music on the radio this year. A few artists have really stepped up to the plate so far, whether it be through reflecting the seriousness of the times, making pointed statements about the nation we’ve been and the nation we should be, or by finally upping their sound and song selection enough to leave a stronger impression on the audience. As easy as it is to bash country music in 2020, we should celebrate its successes as well, because there were a lot more in the first six months than I expected.

Without further ado, here are the best songs of the year thus far:

Honorable Mentions:

#10: Lady A, “What I’m Leaving For” (7/10)

#9: Ingrid Andress, “The Stranger” (7/10)

#8: Maren Morris, “To Hell & Back” (7/10)

#7: Dolly Parton, “When Life Is Good Again” (8/10)

#6: Old Dominion, “Some People Do” (8/10)

#5: Midland, “Cheatin’ Songs” (8/10)

#4: Rascal Flatts, “How They Remember You” (9/10)

#3: Tim McGraw, “I Called Mama” (9/10)

#2: Eric Church, “Stick That In Your Country Song” (10/10)

#1: Mickey Guyton, “Black Like Me” (10/10)