Kyle’s Top 10 WORST Country Singles of 2020

Country songs fall all over the quality spectrum, but only a chosen few can earn the dubious distinction of sitting at the bottom of the barrel. Through a special combination of poor production, subpar songwriting, and vacuous vocals, the songs presented below are the sorts of headache-inducing tracks that move listeners to plug their ears, turn their dials, or just run screaming from the room.

Just as with my mid-year list, these songs will be presented without comment because a) I’m lazy (so much so that I copy-pasted all this opening text from last year, which itself was copy-pasted from 2018), and b) I’ve wasted enough words on this junk already in my prior reviews. Let’s get this over with quickly, shall we?

Last Year’s “Winner”: HARDY, “REDNECKER” (2/10)

“One Beer” was a slight improvement from this garbage heap, but was it enough to keep Mr. Hardy off of the list? (Spoiler alert: I already spoiled that on Monday.) The envelope, if you please…

Dishonorable Mentions:

Artist, Song Final Rating
#15 Dustin Lynch, “Momma’s House” 4/10
#14 Morgan Wallen, “More Than My Hometown” 4/10
#13 Adam Doleac, “Famous” 4/10
#12 Tyler Farr, “Only Truck In Town” 4/10
#11 Niko Moon, “GOOD TIME” 4/10

#10: Parker McCollum, “Pretty Heart” (final score: 4/10)

#9: Chase Rice ft. Florida Georgia Line, “Drinkin’ Beer. Talkin’ God. Amen.” (4/10)

#8: Lee Brice, “One Of Them Girls” (4/10)

#7: Tucker Beathard, “You Would Think” (3/10)

#6: Florida Georgia Line, “Long Live” (3/10)

#5: Chris Young & Kane Brown, “Famous Friends” (3/10)

#4: Travis Denning, “Where That Beer’s Been” (3/10)

#3: Florida Georgia Line, “I Love My Country” (2/10)

I get one act that puts two songs in the bottom ten every year, but FGL decided to one-up the field by putting 2.5 tracks here, courtesy of their feature on Rice’s awful single. Congrats guys, you’re this year’s recipient of the Dustin Lynch Memorial Anti-Excellence Award. Maybe that’ll make up for losing yet another Best Duo award at the CMAs.

#2: Robert Counts, “What Do I Know” (2/10)

#1: Little Big Town, “Wine, Beer, Whiskey” (2/10)

I’ve called Little Big Town “the ultimate boom-or-bust group” several times on the blog, but even I didn’t expect them to bust this badly. On behalf of country listeners around the globe, I humbly ask LBT, FGL, and everyone else on this list to make better single choices in the future.

Looking back at my worst-of-2019 list, I closed that post with the following ominous line:

I have a sinking feeling that 2020 is going to be bad enough without bad songs like these clogging up the airwaves…

Poor innocent 2019 Kyle had no idea how right he was going to be, so 2020 Kyle will instead say this: I have a feeling that 2021 is going to be a better year, if only because there’s (almost) no possible way that it could be any worse than this one. 2021, please don’t make me eat those words.

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