Pokémon FireRed Nuzlocke Challenge

In 2018, I attempted to complete a Nuzlocke challenge in Pokémon FireRed, the G3 remake of the original Pokémon adventure. Mistakes were made, tears were shed, and both lives and hair were lost along the way. For those of you who missed following the challenge, you can binge-read the entire thing here.

  1. Over Before It Starts?
  2. Bugs, Brocks, and Impulse Buys
  3. The Best Laid Plans Of Magikarps And Men…
  4. Gettin’ Diggy Wit It
  5. The Beat(down) Goes On
  6. Be Careful What You Wish For…
  7. Next ‘Mon Up
  8. Episode 7.8: Too Much Water
  9. Breaking The Pattern
  10. Un-Nessie-cary Roughness